Greg Fagan


UI Software Architect

SparkCognitionJanuary 2022-November 2022
TypeScript, React, NodeJS
  • Designed a microfrontend architecture to scale UI development across distributed teams
  • Led a squad of 6-8 development and test engineers as an Agile scrum team
  • Represented frontend engineering concerns in company architecture council
  • Created a directed-graph workflow experience for the visualization of Auto-ML hyperparameters

Senior Software Engineer

SparkCognitionApril 2021-January 2022
TypeScript, React, NodeJS
  • Led the development of an in-house React component library
  • Leveraged advanced TypeScript techniques for an excellent developer experience for said library
  • Built a React frontend for a new Auto-ML application including performant time-series visualizations
  • Established TypeScript style and quality standards with comprehensive documentation
  • Served as a tech lead and mentor to junior engineers through code reviews and pair programming sessions

Software Engineer III

SparkCognitionNovember 2018-April 2021
TypeScript, React, NodeJS
  • Developed a custom neural network visualization using React to render SVG
  • Implemented a virtualized data-grid with flexible and resizable columns for efficient rendering of tabular data
  • Worked with UX and Product Managers to add functionality to the Darwin Auto-ML web application

Software Developer

Self-Employed — Partnership with Intentional Futures2014-2015
JavaScript, React, D3, HTML/CSS, Swift, Parse (back-end platform)
  • Developed single page data visualization web apps
  • Prototyped an iOS game/social media experience
  • Communicated engineering guidance and expertise to non-technical partners

Software Development Engineer II

C++, Lua
  • Built an Xbox 360 app connected to a RESTful commerce service for the pre-order of Xbox One consoles
  • Developed a front-end user experience for Xbox 360 cloud save game storage
  • Shipped interactive Kinect tutorial app after several iterated prototypes

Software Development Engineer

C++, SQL
  • Supported Xbox LIVE tenure rewards feature with new database procedures
  • Overhauled Xbox 360 network connectivity setup and troubleshooting app
  • Updated Xbox 360 out-of-box set up experience


Apps, Art, and Tools

TypeScript, JavaScript, React, ThreeJS, React Three Fiber, GLSL, NodeJS, C++
  • WebXR + WebRTC in-headset fast iteration development environment (2023)
  • ShaderToy generative artworks (2022)
  • WebAudio based tool for fiddle/violin players (2018)
  • NodeJS native extension to read memory from running processes on Windows (2016)


TypeScript, JavaScript, React, ThreeJS, React Three Fiber, Unity, C#, XNA, Objective-C
  • 3D Scrabble-like multiplayer word game leveraging PWA technology (2023)
  • WebXR disc throwing interaction prototype (2023)
  • Ludum Dare game jam entries: highest scoring #45 out of 736 games (2013-2021)
  • Iteratively protoyped a mobile touch-based 2D platformer (2009-2018)
  • Built Klondike Solitaire to learn JavaScript and React (2014-2015)
  • Shipped a single-button mobile eat-em-up game for Windows Phone (2011)


B.S. in Computer Engineering

Texas A&M University2003-2007